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Vibe Social

Project Type

Social Media Web Application


September 2022

Vibe Social was the final group project for Code 301 that I, in partnership with fellow classmate, Tyler Morgan, created in the span of 48 hours. Do you miss the early days of social media, before influencers or worrying about how many likes you'd get? Then Vibe Social is the app for you! Based on the lawless days of Tumbler and early Instagram, Vibe encourages users to 'catch a vibe'. You can create an account and post 'vibes' with images and captions, though I'm partial to memes :) You're also able to view and interact with vibes made by all other users of the site. With the ability to like posts and view posts by user, the fun never stops with. So why don't you create an account, and catch a vibe!

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